Costs and budgeting

Course fees

Registration fees for all 2019 courses can be found here.


What the fees include:

Fees include course materials and instructions as well as lunch on the days courses are given and a social mixer on the first day of each week. Other fees (travel, accommodation, etc.) are the responsibility of the participant.


Costs to think about

  • Transport to Montreal – Airfare from North America will typically cost under $1,000CAD, flights from outside North America can go up to and sometimes over $2,000 CAD.
  • Local transport – The suggested hotels are walking distance from the Summer Institute venue. However, you will have to arrange transport from the airport/train station.
  • Accommodation – Hotel rooms in Montreal can run anywhere from $120CAD to $250 per night. Of note, prices can increase because of the Grand Prix F1 races happening on June 8-10.
  • Meals – Breakfasts (if not offered by hotel) and dinners and meals during the weekend. You can easily eat in Montreal for $10CAD at breakfast, $16CAD for lunch and under $30CAD for dinner or between $50-60CAD per full day.
  • Tourism in Montreal – although we may help organize visits for Summer Institute participants, it should be assumed that entry fees, transport fees and other related fees are the responsibility of the participants


Saving money

Consider these options if you are on a budget.