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Montreal –  A Unique City


Vibrant nightlife and eclectic cuisine. Cobblestone streets and a horse-drawn calèche. Here in Montreal, the old city blends seamlessly into a modern metropolis of glass and steel, where trendy boutiques sit side-by-side with quaint bistros and brasseries.


Surrounded by the mighty St. Lawrence River and more than 400 islands, Montreal buzzes with energy and excitement all year long. Festivals abound, celebrating the power of laughter, fireworks, diversity, fast cars and cool jazz, a wintertime fusion of performing arts, fireworks and fine wine and dining.


The world’s second-largest French speaking city, Montreal is renowned for its numerous universities, medical and scientific research centers, as well as for its cultural and artistic life, excellent restaurants and hotel network. While French is the official language of the Province of Québec, English is also widely spoken.


Montreal offers a unique tour of the gastronomic pleasures of the world. With more than 4,000 restaurants serving the national cuisine of some 80 countries, no wonder this city is considered one of the world’s leading culinary centers.


You can enjoy the artisan studios of the Old Port, or the shops, theatres, and major department stores of the underground city. Montreal’s artistic scene includes one of the world’s leading orchestras, an internationally-renowned ballet company, English and French theatres, comedy clubs, and dozens of museums and galleries.


More than a few succumb to the city’s mixture of European and North American charm that both surprises and enchants.


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