Tropical And Parasitic Diseases (returning in 2018)

The Tropical and Parasitic Diseases course will not be offered in the 2017 Summer Institute session. The Tropical and Parasitic Diseases course will be returning to the Summer Institute in 2018. Please see our full list of courses for the 2017 session, which has seen the addition of two brand new courses.



The J. D. MacLean Centre for Tropical Disease at McGill University has provided training to generations of doctors and nurses providing clinical care to travelers, immigrants, and indigenous populations around the world for over 30 years. This course focuses on linking laboratory diagnostics and research to the clinical treatment of patients.


2016 Tropical and Parasitic Diseases Lectures – Agenda

2014 Clinical Course Program – Agenda
2014 Applied Parasitology Laboratory Course – Agenda


Accreditation by the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, with cross accreditation by the Canadian College of Family Physicians and the American Medical Association, is pending.


Course Directors

Michael Libman, MD
Director, J.D. MacLean Centre for Tropical Medicine
Department of Microbiology & Division of Infectious Diseases,
McGill University Health Centre


Cédric Yansouni, MD, FRCPC, DTM&H
Associate Director, J.D. MacLean Centre for Tropical Diseases at
McGill University
Department of Microbiology & Division of Infectious Diseases,
McGill University Health Centre


2016 Course Content

Tropical Medicine Clinical Review – 3 days
These presentations cover the latest health issues and treatments for travelers and indigenous populations. Presentations include the latest research and diagnostics in tropical and parasitic diseases and preventative medicine for travelers.

Laboratory Course: Malaria and Parasitic Zoonoses – one day

Laboratory workshop overview of blood borne and intestinal parasites and hands on teaching of microscopy for medical laboratory technologists, microbiologists, clinicians, nurses, and other industry personnel.

Clinical Ultrasound for Tropical Diseases: Practical Training for the Clinician – one day

Hands-on instruction in the use of diagnostic ultrasonography, with emphasis on tropical and parasitic diseases.

You may register for one, two, or all of these course components; however the laboratory and ultrasound sections are limited to 40 participants.


Course Faculty


McGill Centre for Tropical Diseases Faculty
Kendall Billick, MD, DTM&H
Christina Greenaway, MD, FRCPC
Theresa W. Gyorkos, PhD
Selim Rashed, MD, MSc, CPSQ
Makeda Semret, MD CM, FRCPC
Brian J. Ward, MDCM


Guest Course Faculty
Andrea Boggild, MD – University Health Network, Toronto
Christina Coyle, MD – Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Jay S. Keystone, MD – University of Toronto
Momar Ndao, DVM, MSc, PhD – McGill University
Steve Schofield, PhD – Department of National Defense, Canada


Laboratory Course Faculty
Evelyne Kokoskin, M.Sc., ART, FCSMLS (D)
Team Lead-Technical and Educational Development
Public Health Ontario l Santé publique Ontario
Public Health Laboratories – Ottawa | Laboratoires de santé publique – Ottawa


Lyne Cedilotte, Technical Coordinator of Parasitology, MUHC Department of Microbiology
Karine Thivierge, PhD, Director of Parasitology, Laboratoire de santé publique du Québec
Momar Ndao DVM, PhD, Director, National Reference Centre for Parasitology


Target audience

  • Ideal for medical health care professionals interested in tropical diseases and travel health – Doctors, residents, nurses, pharmacists and medical laboratory technologists.




The Tropical Medicine Clinical Review Course has a maximum of 150 participants. Both the laboratory and ultrasound days are limited to 40 people each.